Corporate Advisory

GL Hearn’s corporate advisory team recognise the value and cost of property to our clients. Our specialist teams work collaboratively to identify opportunities to enhance value and mitigate costs, ensuring our clients’ portfolios aligns to their wider business priorities.

Bringing together core portfolio management expertise, our team work cross functionally to ensure we understand and deliver. Whether portfolio expansion or consolidation, management of occupational costs, or simply a business-focused perspective to give clients clarity in their decision making, our team of subject matter experts works closely with our clients to realise their aspirations.

We are a national team, represented in all UK regions, and we operate across all sectors, with our core expertise including:

Business Rates: Market leading experts in the understanding, management and reduction of client liabilities.

Lease Advisory: Strategic advisors protecting our clients’ interests and mitigating their costs.

Portfolio Planning: Planning partner, informing business decisions, whether rationalisation or growth.

Valuation: Respected valuation advisors, our team of registered valuers, experts in their sector, develop long-term strategic relationships to ensure we always provide client focused advice.

Occupier Advisory: GL Hearn is the only specialist to provide advice solely to occupiers on a national basis. We do not act for landlords, but in the best interests of occupiers, thus avoiding potential conflicts of interest. We are principally involved in the commercial and office sector, both private and public, and our bespoke advice covers the full spectrum of occupancy matters.

Working together under the umbrella of corporate advisory, we bring together functional expertise with wider opportunity understanding to ensure we provide multi-dimensional advice, often extending beyond the original request to identify and deliver additional value to our clients.