Our architecture and design work is driven by a belief that thoughtful design expressed as contemporary architecture can enrich lives, enhance client investment and make a difference to those that use and engage with our buildings.

Our approach to architecture allows us to address design challenges through creative, appropriate and viable solutions, which draw upon proven technical knowledge and multi-sector expertise. Each project is led by a director with a team of architects committed to exceeding client expectations and making the built environment a better place.

We bring experience and an open mind to each architectural project. Every building is considered in its own right, driven by the needs and aspirations of the client, the practical constraints and those that will experience the completed scheme.

In 2011 Capita acquired established private sector architecture firm ESA and together the architecture team within the business are one of the UK's top architectural practices. We work throughout the UK and overseas across key sectors and services. These include master planning, urban design, architecture, interior design and landscape and public realm.

Masterplanning and urban design

Masterplanning takes the form of urban or rural projects, from residential estate planning to complex inner-city mixed use projects. Many of our urban projects embrace a wide range of complex, often conflicting, issues and typically involve a positive, proactive process to create a vision and plan which manages major change in the community.

Successful masterplans and urban design strategies shape the quality of places for people, foster community well-being and improve quality of life. We work closely with clients, planners, local communities and stakeholders to respond appropriately to individual locations.

  • Our professional services include:
  • Preparation of baseline spatial ideas (block plans or similar)
  • Production of planning and regeneration strategies
  • Design options evaluation and testing
  • Consultation and engagement strategies
  • Public consultations and presentations
  • Site masterplans and development frameworks
  • Presentations and preparation of supporting visuals and 3D graphics
  • Town planning applications.

Interior design

Interior design and architecture sit as fully compatible spatial disciplines.

We work with clients who require an interior / workplace design response (sometimes referred to as ‘CAT B’ in office design) using our substantial experience from space planning through to materials selection, graphics / branding and loose furniture selection for a client’s turn-key needs.