Fire Engineering

Whatever your fire safety design requirements or fire protection problems, our experienced and proactive Fire Engineering team can offer the appropriate advice or solution. Our specialists work as part of your design team to ensure that your building meets all of the necessary requirements in the safest cost-effective manner possible, whilst still meeting your design aspirations.

All buildings must comply with certain fire safety-related legislation. The rules associated with this legislation can be difficult to interpret and, if applied literally, can have an extremely restrictive impact on a building’s design. Navigating a clear path through legislation, without radically changing your building design or incurring additional costs, can seem impossible.

A fire safety strategy carefully developed by an experienced fire engineer will demonstrate the ways in which the chosen design meets the requirements of the relevant legislation and provide the required level of life safety. The fire safety strategy, once fully developed, forms one of the key design documents, and will contain key information on the specification of systems, as well as full details and justification of any alternative, or engineered solutions. Such is the importance of a fully integrated fire safety strategy that, in many cases, it will form the sole basis of the submission for the relevant approvals.

The building sectors we cover include residential, mixed use, education, leisure, commercial, industrial, health and transport. We have experience in all fields of fire engineering, both client and contractor side, and offer our services throughout all RIBA design stages of the project lifecycle under various construction contracts.

We also work with building owners and fire safety managers during occupation to help them fulfil their obligations under the law and maintain a safe environment for their occupants.

Our fire engineering consulting services include but are not limited:

  • strategic design input at all RIBA design stages
  • technical advisory services
  • legislative and code compliance checking
  • fire safety strategy development
  • construction site monitoring
  • fire engineered solutions utilising advanced calculation methods and modern computational modelling techniques
  • post-occupation fire safety audits
  • fire risk assessment
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