Property Acquisition

With an extensive portfolio of skills, we offer specialist impartial advice on all aspects of UK property acquisition.

There are myriad factors to consider when the occupational requirements of a company changes and we have a great deal of experience in guiding businesses through the process, ensuring a relocation or acquisition of a new facility is managed expertly.

As an occupier-focused business, we understand that sometimes a company would prefer that property searches and acquisitions are undertaken confidentially, and we provide a discreet and impartial service to help meet your occupational needs.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Undertaking workplace consultancy to ensure best utilisation of floor space and to define the optimum amount of space required.
  • Challenging existing work practices and introduce new ways of working for improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Creating a dynamic first class working environment to reflect the company image and attracting and retaining the best talent to support business growth.
  • Undertaking confidential property searches of any UK town or city via our property databases and, using our market contacts, identifying early off-market opportunities.
  • Using a bespoke scoring card method to shortlist preferred properties and creating a competitive commercial environment for negotiations to achieve the best competitive market terms.
  • Managing the complete acquisition process, identifying and dealing with areas of risk to ensure the transaction concludes within budget and timescales.
  • Involving other consultants and advisors when required to undertake due diligence reports and limiting exposure on contractual commitments.
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GL Hearn have worked with us from day one on our people plan which has been the driver to shape our property requirements. The Team have an ability to go beyond property and understand our business which we see as an important differentiator in the market place to deliver on our property strategy.
Chris Bailey-Jones


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