Retail Lease Regears

We are an experienced Retail and Lease Advisory team, providing a service to landlords and tenants in respect of lease regear negotiations and agreements.

Lease regears - renegotiations of a lease during the lease term - have assumed considerable importance in the retail sector in recent years, reflecting changes in lease duration requirements and a desire for greater flexibility.

Working closely with our Retail Investment team, we identify opportunities for maximising return on investment and provide you with advice on how to secure those opportunities in lease negotiations. 

Lease regears can be beneficial to both tenant and landlord; a tenant, feeling the impact of extensive competition or changes in retail patterns, might negotiate a longer occupational lease (where future trading may be more secure) in exchange for reduced rental outgoings. Creating a win-win outcome for both.

Our Retail Portfolio Strategy service is interlinked with our advice on both lease regears and lease renewals, meaning our service is truly integrated and comprehensive.

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