Section 18 and dilapidations valuations

We are here to advise and provide Section 18 valuations to both landlords and tenants with regards to dilapidation (or ‘exit costs’) and conflicts, which can emerge on termination of a tenancy.

Maintenance, repairs or alterations of property are often the cause of disputes between tenant and landlord when a lease expires. Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 lays out the specifications of the ‘covenants to repair’ and it is from this that we carry out a valuation, formulating an argument for either supporting or refuting a claim.

As a landlord Section 18 valuations enable you to fully defend a claim, and demonstrate the legal obligation to mitigate any diminution in value. Alternatively as a tenant they can provide you with an invaluable argument when refuting a claim, by demonstrating what the hypothetical landlord would do with the property.

We are highly experienced in providing reports for both sides. We also work alongside our Building Consultancy team, who prepare and dispute dilapidation schedules of both an interim and final nature, ensuring our expertise and service to you is unparalleled.