Asset Optimisation

We are an Asset Optimisation team that specialises in identifying opportunities for maximising profit and unlocking the value from your assets through development

With unrivalled experience in preparing asset optimisation strategies for private sector clients, we are able to deliver solutions for a wide variety of development opportunities and business operations.

We are particularly focused on large operational portfolios in London which require preservation and/or relocation of an existing use to work alongside any future re-development.

Working closely with our Planning, Development and Agency colleagues, we deliver a fully integrated service. This ensures we provide you with the comprehensive guidance you need to achieve your business objectives.

Our services include:

  • Identification of surplus land
  • Delivery and phasing strategy
  • Redevelopment options (low, medium and high impact)
  • Scenario and returns modelling
  • Feasibility
  • Building above operational assets
  • Protection of existing operations
  • Phasing of comprehensive site redevelopments
  • Business plans
  • Relocation
  • Agency services and disposal advice
  • Development management (obtaining consent for delivery or site sale).