The rebirth of Manchester

GL Hearn brought together a panel of experts at the start of October to discuss how Manchester has been transformed over the past three decades and how other cities can learn from its success

In the early 1980s, Manchester was in decline, the city’s traditional industries were dying off and the population was falling. Fast-forward to today, and the city has been transformed. Major development projects such as Spinningfields and MediaCity have changed the face of the city and many others like Mayfield are in the pipeline.

GL Hearn and Property Week brought together a panel of experts to discuss the factors behind Manchester’s success, such as civic leadership, long-term planning and investment in public transport, and what other cities can learn from it.

The panel also discussed how to secure the continued success and growth of Manchester and the key challenges that city and town centres face today, including an over-reliance on retail.

You can read the full article herereproduced with kind permission from Property Week.