What is the role of Tall Buildings in London?

In the latest edition of New London Architecture’s (NLA) magazine New London Quarterly (NLQ), Sarah Hiscutt, Planning Associate Director is one of a group of industry experts answering the question: What is the role of Tall Buildings in London? The article is part of NLA’s Tall Buildings programme we proudly champion.

On Tuesday 5 March, NLA and GL Hearn announced the results of the sixth edition of the London Tall Buildings Survey. The survey shows that tall building delivery in the capital is at its highest point in history, with 541 towers in the pipeline and record number of 121 schemes under construction- with most due for completion in 2019.

In conjunction with the study, Sarah discusses how London continues to promote and deliver tall buildings, with growing interest in Greater London Borough’s, all despite increasing challenges to deliver in an ever-changing environment. Sarah ultimately concludes that the role of tall buildings is defined by the need to make efficient use of land in well-connected and sustainable locations, which can (and should) create regeneration benefits and opportunities for existing and new occupiers to live, work and stay in London.

You can read the full article published in New London Quarterly here.

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It’s been great to be part of the NLA’s Tall Buildings programme and to be research partner once again for this year’s survey. With continuing pressure to accommodate growth and housing demand, it is clear that tall buildings will continue to play an increasingly prominent role in the evolution of London’s urban environment and its communities
Sarah Hiscutt
Planning Associate Director

GL Hearn