Margarine Works, Southall

Client: Montreaux Developments Limited
Location: London, LB Ealing

Acting on behalf of Montreaux Developments Limited, a multi-disciplinary team from GL Hearn helped to secure a resolution to grant outline planning permission, subject to the completion of a s106 Agreement and Stage II referral to the Mayor, for the proposed redevelopment of the Middlesex Business Centre (Margarine Works) in the Southall Opportunity Area, London Borough of Ealing.

GL Hearn’s Development Agency team played a key role in assisting Montreaux to acquire the site prior to the submission of the outline planning application.

The masterplan for the redevelopment of the site has been prepared by Assael Architecture (with input from Planit-IE Landscape Architects) and is based on a range of parameter plans and design codes which will guide future reserved matters submissions and the detailed design of seven individual development plots including the retained and refurbished Sunrise Radio Building.

Overall the scheme seeks to deliver:

  • up to 2,083 residential units
  • up to 7,199 sqm (or 180 bedrooms) hotel floorspace
  • up to 2,688 sqm of flexible retail floorspace
  • up to 10,076 sqm of flexible office and community floorspace
  • a 3,750 sqm public park in the centre of the site as well as all other open space, public realm, and outdoor amenity space
  • a new internal road network opening up links to neighbouring (development) sites
  • up to £13.8m in s106 contributions

The above development by Montreaux Development Limited follows an earlier application in 2016, when GL Hearn already secured a resolution to grant outline planning permission for the previous owner of the site and a scheme providing up to 835 new homes and approx. 20,000 sqm of student accommodation, hotel, commercial and retail floorspace.


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