We design and deliver award-winning building and specialist infrastructure solutions for the defence sector. We bring clients a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated team to design, engineer and manage defence facilities for government, the Armed Forces, contractors and defence manufacturers.

Our team has worked across all forms of Ministry of Defence (MoD) procurement and offers a number of specialist technical services relating to securely designed, hardened buildings, special structures and infrastructure, along with an in-depth knowledge of defence-specific processes and benchmarking. Our skills include process engineering and space utilisation so we can help you determine your company needs and achieve value for money.

Particular specialisations include airside infrastructure (runways, hangars and support facilities), secure installations (data and communications centres; secure government buildings), medical, dental and rehabilitation units, and refurbishment of Grade listed buildings. We incorporate green power, energy and waste schemes whenever appropriate.

We are a trusted partner to the MoD, especially through our partnership on the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO). The partnership is separated from our main business, thereby allowing us to give our support to clients delivering services to the MoD.

Having worked with the defence community for over 30 years, we recognise the importance of being innovative whilst respecting tradition, helping us to respond to the current challenges our clients are facing in embracing change, undertaking rationalisation and achieving value for money.

Airside Infrastructure

We undertake bespoke airside architectural and engineering designs for runway pavement, hangars, and technical and logistic support facilities.

We design aircraft servicing platforms and fuelling facilities. Our services are also applicable to commercial airport terminals.

Special Projects

We have specialist expertise for secure installations, data and communications centres. 

We design large span logistic facilities. Our engineering team covers a range of capabilities which includes fuel and energy storage and provision, specialist mast and tower structures. This accommodates fire and SHE/CDMC requirements.

Medical Facilities

We have considerable experience in provision of medical and dental facilities.

Expertise at Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre has developed into an award- winning Recovery Centre. Our engineers are currently involved in the development of the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre at Stanford Hall.

Grade Listed Building

We have experience in re-provisioning listed buildings on both Government and commercial sites to incorporate modern security and communication facilities as well as efficient office space.

Defence Manufacturers

We work with defence businesses such as Airbus and BAE Systems providing leading defence corporations with a range of services, strategic, or specific, from full multi-disciplinary design, engineering and management expertise to individual specialised requirements.

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