Building pathology

Defective construction and design, and the resultant failures that occur, can be very complex to identify whilst adversely affecting the value of a building and the health and safety of its occupants.

Our expert building surveyors examine how the building structure and materials relate to their environment and occupants, and look for patterns to understand what may cause building defects. Where necessary, we recommend opening-up works to determine the nature and extent of a defect. Then we design or prescribe an economic and effective solution to put it right.

Instructions typically include inspection, analysis and reporting on:

  • Water penetration (dampness and ingress)
  • Design defects
  • Defective detailing and finishes
  • Movement and cracking 
  • Concrete defects
  • Deleterious materials
  • Curtain walling, cladding and glazing 
  • Product/material failure


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Building pathology studies the relationship between design, materials, construction methods, services and spatial arrangement with their environment, occupants and contents