Building Surveys and Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence (TDD) building surveys are an essential part of mitigating the risks, and minimising the costs, inherent in acquiring, disposing, occupying or owning real estate. Vendors TDD, where the vendor undertakes TDD reporting and provides it to potential purchasers, helps speed disposals and aids liquidity.

The speed of TTD provision is a key component of success in an acquisition bid or sale in a competitive market. Irrespective of the speed of delivery, TDD reporting also needs to be comprehensive, commercial and consider more than obvious defects.

Our reports identify technical, legal, and environmental risks and quantify associated costs. As well as identifying risks, we will advise you on mitigating them or de-risking altogether. We can assemble, brief and co - ordinate a team of specialists, which might include mechanical, electrical and structural engineers, environmental auditors, cladding specialists, workplace consultants etc.

Our TDD service, whether for vendors or purchasers includes knowledgeable, and practical, advice and commentary on property inherent risks including:

  • Major defects in the structure, fabric and services
  • Deleterious materials
  • Statutory compliance 
  • Environmental risks
  • Neighbourly issues 
  • Materials, design and workplace standards 
  • Suitability for use, development or conversion
  • Missing or inadequate documentation and it's likely effect on security and liquidity
  • Service change and tenant default (dilapidation). 
  • The provision of a building reinstatement cost assessment 


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