Contract administration and construction procurement

To deliver a project that meets expectations, a contractor needs clear design and specification on materials and working methods. It’s important to get this right from the outset, so we will advise you on the contractual route appropriate for your project. We will also pre-qualify suitable contractors for the work if you need this.

We offer a full service from taking your initial brief to delivering the project exactly as intended and described on time and on budget. This will include:

  • Design
  • Technical specifications and drawings
  • Tendering and preparing contract documents
  • Damages for late completion
  • Vigilant onsite monitoring to completion
  • Choice of contract
  • Advice on implementation of conditions
  • Instructing, valuing and certifying the works
  • Quality control
  • Administering the project up to practical completion and the end of defects.
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Well run contracts are good for employers and contractors. Effective contract administration closes out financial and time related risks