Planned preventative maintenance

When we handle your PPM, we inspect and analyse your building and its components, then develop the maintenance and repair strategy to keep your assets in a ‘ready for sale’ condition.

Using our own cutting edge, innovative technology, to collect highly accurate PPM data at the time of survey using hand held devices, we live upload onto the database. You will have access to our web portal to view and interrogate the PPM data and schedules.

We assemble, brief and co-ordinate a team of specialists, which can include mechanical, electrical and structural engineers, environmental auditors, cladding specialists, workplace consultants etc.

Our services provide:

  • Reports tailored to fit your specific requirements 
  • Integration with your management and reporting systems
  • Advice on service charge implementation
  • Instantly visible real-time data via web portal
  • Single property or portfolio-wide PPM management 
  • Share
Planned preventative maintenance will help you to sustain the value of your property, and keep it safe and productive to work in