Project Monitoring and Development Due Diligence

We are a leader in project monitoring and development due diligence services engaged to prevent fraud, validate spends, and to monitor physical progress against planned expenditure.

Our monitoring business offers nationwide coverage, expert advice and focused opinions which help protect the financial interests of lenders, investors and end-users.

We ensure early identification and mitigation of cost and programme risk, give greater development cost certainty and maintain a monthly involvement to track and comment on the development progress, client objectives, insurances and loan requirements.

We are familiar with all forms of building contracts and typical Loan/Security documentation

Key Services:

  • Project monitoring (including site inspections)
  • Cost planning 
  • Funding Strategy
  • Business Plan / Appraisal Audits
  • Specialist finance knowledge 
  • Sourcing finance
  • Providing real estate and construction risk training 
  • Share
We have a vital role in identifying the potential risks to the Funder when building and professional services contracts are in agreed form but are yet to be executed