Corporate Management

We understand the complexities that surround investment and ownership and have a highly skilled team who can combine their individual specialist knowledge to meet your specific requirements.

A close knit team of property experts we work with customers who own or lease business space, as well as investors, all of whom have very different objectives. Because of this, we know there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution and that’s why we assemble client-specific teams that are structured to meet your needs. Each focused on delivering data driven property solutions.

We provide ‘single point of contact’ access to an array of property and business services, ensuring comprehensive support that goes far and beyond property.

Our three core areas of expertise:

  • Strategy: Using data enabled metrics, analytics and scenario planning, to deliver the greatest optimisation to your projects and portfolios
  • Management: Assembling bespoke teams to match your requirements and monitoring, and adjusting resources as needed for maximum efficiency in project set-up, delivery and reports
  • Delivery: Focusing on ‘getting the job done’, be it transacting, negotiating, contracting or delivery of projects, technical services and surveys

More specifically:

Strategic consultancy

  • Portfolio and location strategy
  • Workplace design and ongoing utilisation analysis
  • Property data systems and benchmarking
  • Surplus property disposal management
  • Lease administration and events management and reporting
  • M&A advice
  • Acquisition, Disposal and transaction management
  • Corporate compliance and governance
  • Cost reduction and value enhancement

Client Account Management

  • Transaction and project management
  • Programme management
  • Cost Analysis and Control
  • Occupational estate optimisation

Corporate capital markets consultancy

  • Asset Business Plans
  • Forward Funding
  • Development Funding
  • Sale and Lease backs

Whether you need to harness the skills of Corporate Consulting for a broad overview of your property portfolio, need to focus in on the nuts and bolts of releasing capital with the Investment team, or require specialist advice on acquiring new leasehold premises from our dedicated Occupier Advisory team, we can draw on the relevant skills to deliver the results you need.

Our aim is to create the tailor-made solutions for your business and we encourage you to contact us to discuss how our unique approach can deliver you real business benefit.

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For more information please contact:

Tony Green
07736 491619
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The breadth and scale of our reach gives us an unparalleled ability to offer both niche technical and strategic property services in combination with comprehensive business solutions that go far and ‘beyond property’