Climate Change and Air Quality

We provide expertise in air quality and climate change services, to support industry, developers, and local authorities across the UK.

Our services include:

  • Air quality assessment at all scales (urban area, roads, industrial, airport)
  • Air quality, dust and odour monitoring
  • Development of air quality action plans
  • Emission inventory
  • Environmental permit applications
  • Odour modelling and assessment
  • Expert witness for air quality and odour inquiries
  • Carbon (CO2) emission assessments
  • In-combination climate impacts (ICCI) assessments
  • Specialist environmental statements

Air quality is one of the most important environmental challenges we face. Our Climate Change and Air Quality team’s expertise and background of delivering schemes from construction to operation across the UK ensures that we appreciate the requirements of the design, planning and construction teams across all sectors, and can produce a tailored response to meet the individual challenges of each site.

We contribute to building developments and masterplans from the early design stages, to ensure that potential opportunities and constraints at the site are identified and any risks to development can be appropriately managed. Consultation through the design and planning process helps minimise the air quality impact to all end users and minimise future mitigation requirements.

Our expert interpretation of the latest methodologies, including Webtag, DMRB and new generation dispersion and emissions modelling (ADMS-Roads, BREEZE EDMS), enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive and cost-effective services. We also conduct carbon assessment and In-combination climate impacts (ICCI) assessments.

All our consultants are members of the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES).

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