Economic Planning

We advise the public and private sector on policy, strategy and evidence for housing, employment and major strategic development opportunities such as urban extensions, new settlements and business parks.

Economic and industrial strategy: Advising on the strategy and justification for the redevelopment of a number of prominent London industrial sites for intensification and mixed-use development

Economic and social impact assessment: HM Treasury Green Book compliant economic and social assessments including EIA socio-economics, skills strategy and health impact assessments. Key projects include the Economic Benefits of East West Rail, HS2 Phase 2 Socio-Economic Assessment and Brent Cross Thameslink Employment and Skills Plan.

Employment land needs: Assessing the need for and quality of employment sites, including industrial land, office space and business parks across the country for rural and urban areas ranging from local authority evidence base to new business park allocations and employment strategy.

Housing needs/ market assessments: Market-leading position in assessing how many homes should be built in a given area (OAN) and the need for different types of homes. Advised around 30% of councils across England including the Liverpool City Region Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

Housing delivery and five year land supply: Assessing Councils’ five year housing land supply position and the scale of housing development which can be sustained. This involves assessing site deliverability, the appropriate housing supply buffers and delivery rates.

Strategic Planning: Preparing studies and masterplans identifying development sites and areas for major strategic growth including new settlements. This includes new settlement feasibility studies for Tunbridge Wells and Aylesbury Vale.