Economic Planning

We advise both the public and private sector on policy, strategy and evidence for housing, employment and major strategic development opportunities such as urban extensions, new settlements and business parks.

Housing needs assessments (HNA)
Supporting local authorities build the evidence to support housing policies that are deemed sound at examination.

Housing and economic development needs assessments (HEDNA)
Bringing together market trends in employment land and housing to support policy that reflects a holistic appreciation of place and underpins households’ socio-economic welfare.
Economic needs assessment and employment land reviews (ELR)
Setting out a detailed understanding of supply and demand trends for employment space to arrive at robust forecasts as to the quantity, character and definition of space for industrial and commercial activity. We also assess any potential shortfalls in meeting future need through a supply and demand balance.

Economic development strategies
Providing strategic advice to promote economic growth based on an understanding of people and place.

Business case development and funding bid support
Production of Green Book-compliant business cases from scoping to Full Business Cases for investment in development and infrastructure projects. We have captured benefits through estimating land value uplift, construction and operational impacts, along with high street spending at the local, city and regional level.

Socio-economic and health impact assessments
Setting out the impact of development on the future welfare of the population in line with the HM Treasury’s Green Book.

Sub-regional spatial planning
Urban economic analysis to inform an intelligent mix of land uses for a given area and the infrastructure required to support them.

Housing land supply and delivery
Strategic advice to Local Authorities on optimising the delivery of new homes to meet need including stress testing the housing trajectory. This has been done through the completion of five-year housing land supplies or more broadly understanding housing deliverability.

Affordable housing and build to rent
Setting out a pathway for the delivery of the range of types, sizes and tenures of homes that meet market demand and the need for subsidised housing. 

Economic inputs into scheme master-planning
Understanding of local housing market dynamics through a variety of indicators to produce schedules of accommodation and build out rates for development schemes.