Daylight and Sunlight Amenity

We are a specialist team who provide guidance to developers and designers on planning applications that require a daylight and sunlight impact assessment.

When assessing whether or not to grant planning permission, local planning authorities will consider any adverse impact a development might have on the daylight and sunlight amenity of any existing adjacent properties. They will also assess any accommodation within the new development.

They can request a developer provides an assessment of these potential issues. While there is no fixed procedure for this, the most widely-accepted method of analysis is in accordance with the guidelines and tests recommended in BRE Report - Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: A Guide to Good Practice (2011).

Utilising our latest bespoke software, we formulate detailed analysis of proposed schemes. And by providing highly technical advice early on in the design process, thereby avoiding potential disputes down the line.

We are here to assist in your planning applications including detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) support, overshadowing, solar glare and sun path analysis.

The right to light consideration is a separate issue to daylight and sunlight amenity, and development plans are assessed with different criteria in each case.

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