Rights to Light

We are a team of specialist surveyors who provide guidance to developers and designers on planning applications that require right to light assessments.

A right to light is an easement - a right of use over property owned by someone else – which ensures that people have a right to receive sufficient natural light to their own property. With neighbours entitled to forbid any development plans to adjacent properties that would interfere with this.

We can help guide you through the complexities of right to light matters.  And because right to light issues can have such a significant impact on development schemes they should be considered as early on in the planning phase as possible.

Our expertise includes specialist advice on the use of Section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016, valuation and development appraisal. Working with developers, designers and legal advisors, we are able to astutely assess and manage the potential complications that may arise with right to light considerations.

Using our bespoke computer software, we can create optimum development envelope models and detailed analysis of proposed schemes to support our advice.

The right to right consideration is a separate issue to daylight and sunlight amenity, and development plans are assessed with different criteria in each case.