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Expert Witness and Advisory Services

Our specialist construction expert witnesses are instructed throughout the UK and worldwide to provide advice and opinion on matters pre-dispute, in litigation and through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Our experts are sourced from the exceptionally diverse offering of GL Hearn as part of Capita. We offer expertise in many disciplines, particularly, though not limited to, geotechnical (including ground and site investigation), civil, structural and materials engineering, architecture and quantum and delay analysis.

Our experts sustain their knowledge of current industry best practice through performing peer reviews of live projects. Our researchers and experts together ensure that all advice and opinion, both written and oral, maintains a high standard of clarity, professional credibility and technical accessibility.

We also produce a 190 page highly condensed explanatory handbook for construction lawyers, containing over 1000 definitions of commonly encountered industry terms and acronyms, concise technical briefings on various aspects of construction technology and practice, and profiles of nearly 40 experts.

If you are a lawyer and would like a copy, we invite you to request your Expert Witness & Advisory Services handbook here or by contacting our Practice Leader, Jeremy Ingham.

If you are looking for expert witness opinions related to the Health and Safety at Work Act and associated legislation or personal injury litigation, please speak to our Health and Safety Expert Witness Services team.